My passion 

Many of you know how long of a journey I have been on these past years in my pursuit of becoming a missionary. I am excited to say that God is finally leading me and releasing me to serve in Cambodia through the Christian and Missionary Alliance!!!

Photo by Peter Nevill

“Risk whatever you have to act on the promises of God.”
— John Soper, C&MA Pastor

who i am 

Sokha is a Cambodian name I was given by some dear Cambodian friends in 2010. I spent five summers in Cambodia teaching English, drinking iced coffees, learning to ride motos and the Cambodian language. Through these experiences I got my first true glimpse of what it looks like to live in a cross-cultural setting. I'm thankful that God has allowed me to fall in love with a beautiful country and a joyful people. He has given me a promise that He would bring me back one day, that my time in Cambodia was not finished. I have held onto that promise ever since and now I am finally able to see my faith come to fruition. Now I prepare to take that final risk of following God as Abraham did thousands of years ago, to leave my family and go to the land God is leading me. 

The process 

Growing up in a Christian & Missionary Alliance Church has always been the biggest blessing to me. God called me at a young age to be a missionary and while it is still hard for me to understand why it has taken so long for God to release me for full-time ministry, I know His plans are greater than mine! I have had the privilege to see God working around the world through short-term mission trips and through working at the C&MA Envision Office. God has put amazing people in my life to walk alongside of me and join me in this newest Cambodian adventure! Now I’m honored and proud to say I’m an Alliance worker in it for the long haul until God calls me elsewhere!

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