I believe that God's heart is for the lost and unreached people groups of the world. I believe that God's heart is for the Church to reap the harvest that God is growing and for us to be a witness of the Light of Christ to a dark world seeking a Savior. And I believe that you and I are called to join in this greater work whether we are called to serve, pray or give (and probably a mix of all three). 

In order for me to go to Cambodia I need to be surrounded by an awesome team of people who will support me through prayers, finances and encouragement. I strongly feel that God is not sending me out alone but that I’ll have a mighty force of people around me, not just to support me from the sidelines but to really walk with me and be a strategic and important part of this ministry.

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All international workers with the C&MA are supported by the Alliance family through the Great Commission Fund. This fund supports all our workers and ministry around the world in the best way possible. 

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“Work special” goes to ministry costs (language, discipleship, ministry needs, living expenses)
“Outfit fund” goes towards set up costs (set up costs, furnishing an apartment, luggage fees)