“I cannot understand how any man or woman can believe in the Lord’s coming and not be a missionary, or at least committed to the work of missions with every power of his being.”
— A.B. Simpson

Growing up in a Christian & Missionary Alliance Church has always been the biggest blessing to me. God called me at a young age to be a missionary and used the C&MA as a local church body and as the greater denominational family to walk alongside of me throughout this process. 

Almost all of my short-term mission trips have been through the C&MA and many were specifically though Envision, their short-term missions entity. I also had the privilege of interning, and then working for the National C&MA Office. I helped send people on trips around the world, and encouraged pastors, youth and college students to have the faith to watch God provide for them to go on a mission trip if God was calling them there. I also was able to bring awareness to the cycle of poverty around the world through the Project Experience and watch people of all ages experience for the first time and understand the only solution to the growing needs of injustice-Jesus Christ. 

I am honored to be coming under the ranks of a denomination founded by A.B. Simpson, a man who was so fervently burdened with a heart for reaching all people groups, near and far, with the love and message of Jesus Christ. I am honored to be joining a national and international Church dedicated to the restoration of people through our Savior, Healer, Sanctifier and Coming King. 

To learn more about the Christian & Missionary Alliance, please visit their website.